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Dental Emergencies happen, and we’re equipped to take care of them, no matter how big or small. Whether you have cracked or loose teeth, an abscess or tooth infection, impacted wisdom teeth, excessive mouth pain, or another dental issue, contact us to help. To maximize everyone’s safety, we limit the number of patients we take each day and have separate private rooms. (Same day emergency services available)

Experience one of a kind atmosphere at Dr. Patty’s Dental Boutique and Spa. Featuring comfortable rooms, state-of-the-art equipment, along with a professional and caring staff, we offer the very best cosmetic dental care in South Florida.

Dr. Patty and her associate doctor prides themselves on being at the forefront of the latest research to provide custom-designed smile makeovers.

And maybe the best part? You will finally love visiting the dentist!


Our team utilizes several forms of cosmetic dentistry. Depending on how much work your teeth need, we can offer options such as:

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  • Loose or Cracked Teeth
  • Dental Infections or Abscess
  • Missing or Damaged Crowns
  • Broken or Cracked Tooth
  • Excessive Dental or Mouth Pain
  • Wisdom Teeth Removal
  • Other Serious Dental Issues
  • Car Accident
  • Bike Accident
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Dental Implants

If you have missing teeth, a dental implant can change your life for the better! This implant is a surgical fixture that will be placed in your jawbone and will fuse with the bone within a couple of months. Your implant will become a replacement for your missing tooth or can even be used to secure a bridge or hold a replacement tooth in place.

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A tooth-shaped cap that is placed over your tooth is known as a dental crown. This can be used on your tooth to restore its original shape, size and strength. A crown can also be used to improve the appearance of your current tooth. When you have a crown cemented in place, it will fully encase the visible portion of your tooth that is at the gum line or above it.

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Six Month Smiles are designed to straighten your teeth in as little as six months. Not only that, SMS is made with attractability in mind. Using white and clear wiring, you’ll be able to sport your braces without others even realizing it. You won’t have to fear how you may look with braces on, since with SMS, no one will even notice!


Dr. Patty’s has over ten years of experience and always ensures the best quality of care for each and every client we see.

If you’re looking to keep your teeth for a long time, we can easily help you achieve that goal through a variety of choices.

If your time is limited, we have options to make sure your visit is as quick and efficient as possible. From later in the day to early in the morning, to even Saturday appointments.

Imagine if the sights, sounds, and smells of your dental office resembled those of a world-class spa. That was the idea behind Dr. Patty’s Cosmetic Dental Boutique & Spa, South Florida’s first dental spa.

For those that have lost proper functionality with their teeth, we’ll make sure you’re back to biting, chewing, and smiling better than ever.

During a procedure, after treatment, and every visit thereafter, we want all of our clients to be as comfortable as can be.

We specialize in providing sedation alternatives such as IV sedation & nitrous (laughing gas), that provide an anxiety-free experience.

We partner with 3rd party vendors like CareCredit, Lending Club, Bright Smile, Green Sky.

We work with almost all insurance companies and we do a complimentary benefits check on the day of your appointment and you will be informed of any co-pays before any treatment is started.

Complimentary wine & Nespresso coffee bar, hot towel service, temple massage therapy, paraffin treatments, music & movie selections.

Unlike some other dentists, Dr. Patty is constantly upgrading equipment and attends dental conferences and trainings to deliver the best results for you.

We use state of the art sterilization equipment and processes.

Minimized exposure, more precise and digitally stored.





quote 5star

Love Dr. Patty’s!! Their staff is very knowledgeable and friendly. They make you feel comfortable and do an amazing job. I never enjoyed having to go to the dentist until I started coming here.



Dr.Patty, your services, staff, and facility blew my mind! I came to you without an appointment in an emergency, and the ability of you and your staff to make me feel at home and work me into your already busy schedule with such effectiveness and efficiency was absolutely amazing.


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Emergency Dentist

  • Loose or Cracked Teeth
  • Dental Infections or Abscess
  • Missing or Damaged Dental Crowns
  • Chipped, Broken, Cracked Tooth
  • Excessive Dental or Mouth Pain
  • Wisdom Teeth Removal or Impacted Tooth
  • Other Serious Dental Issues
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We Accept Online Payments

Accepted Forms of Payment: (Cash, Credit Card, Lending Club, Care Credit, Cashiers Check)

AS LOW AS $50/MONTH – 6-12 Months Interest Free – 1st Payment in 45 days